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Bridget Herlehy

Intuitively gather and collage images to create cards that reflect your story. Each card becomes a visual representation of inner aspects of your personality, your community, your guides, and symbols that are meaningful to you. SoulCollage® is a fun and therapeutic art process that begins with collecting magazine images and collaging them onto a card. Writing prompts will help you discover deeper meanings within your cards. Each workshop will close with an opportunity to share your cards. Open to everyone, no art experience is necessary.

$32 Bravo member / $36 non-member + $5 Materials fee

Thursday, November 16 6 - 8pm

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Robin Sanford Roberts

Join theatrical designer and collage artist, Robin Sanford Roberts, for art and creativity as you explore the idea of telling your story through collage. This visual art story might be inspired by a memory, a dream, or your own personal experiences that give you joy. Create a unique work of paper collage art using decorative and found papers, paint, text, stamps, and other ephemera adhered to a 2-dimensional surface. Collage art involves lots of fun exploration and leaves the fear behind. Materials list provided upon registration.

$48 Bravo member / $54 non-member $10 Materials fee

Sunday, November 19 10am - 1pm

Tuesday, December 12 6 - 9pm

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Lauren Becker Downey

Set your intention for the new year. Using images, pictures and affirmations, create a collage to conceptualize your goals, dreams, wishes and desires. The idea is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires. A vision board is a powerful, visual representation of all the things that you want to do, be and have in your life. Looking daily at your board provides a reminder of and can be a source of motivation towards achieving your dreams. Focus your attention on the things that you want to attract in your life.

$29 + $6 Materials fee

Call or Email us with some dates for a 2-hour private class with a minimum of 4 people.

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Bring your unfinished projects and work in Bravo's studio. We'll provide guidance, suggestions, critique or simply provide you a place to work. Work on your painting, drawing, mosaic, weaving, collage, mixed media, printmaking, etc. Bring your own supplies or purchase from us. Stay as long as you like. Advanced reservations are required.

Only $10 an hour. Pay by the hour.

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Bravo School of Art • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd Studio 206 San Diego CA 92106 • 619-223-0058

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