YVONNE APODACA has been sewing since age 12. She was a prize winning sewer in sewing competitions in her teen years. After graduating from NYU, she had a successful career in the entertainment industry and worked for MTV as well as News Corporation (Fox) before starting a family and settling back down in her home town of San Diego. In San Diego, Yvonne started and co-owned her own successful baby line, Little Marie's and also started a non-profit awareness group, Mission for Music, whose goal was to keep music alive and well in San Diego city schools. She was also co-founder/owner of Home ec. Studio where she shared her sewing knowledge through creative classes for “seamsters” of all ages. Yvonne currently offers private sewing classes to youth and adults when she is not running her spa (Wax and Glow) or playing taxi driver for her four rambunctious kids.


MELISSA ARONSON is a macramé jewelry artist with her own business, peaceknots, based out of the North Park community of San Diego, California. Most of her days are spent working as a retail merchandiser for which she holds a BA degree in Merchandising Management from International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT) in Chicago. In her spare time she is knotting and walking or skating around San Diego gathering supplies and inspiration. Growing up in West Virginia with both parents working full time jobs during the week and creative projects on the side, (Father: wood worker and wine maker, Mother: quilter, needlepoint, knitting and crochet) it was just a matter of time before Melissa found her own creative outlet. peaceknotsjewelry.com


GAIL BAKER grew up sleeping with and eating a box of 64 crayons. The 64th crayon was maroon. It made her sick so she threw it in the trash. These days maroon is just fine… so are puce, chartreuse and celandine. She revels in color and paints in acrylic paints with layers of acrylic medium for depth and texture. Oil pastels, collage pieces, stamping, and scraping are used. Gail paints to recapture her life in her personal and idiosyncratic language. She believes that the deepest, most meaningful connections we can make happen when we express ourselves in the language of creative process. This is why Gail facilitates classes in Process Painting, Visual Journaling, Drawing, Touch Drawing, and Painting. Her formal art training was done at the U of Washington in graphic arts. She earned an M.A. at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Creative Expression. Gail has been teaching since 1980 in public and private settings in Alaska and Washington. She worked with the Arts Ed Consortium in Alaska, focusing on integrating the arts into classroom subjects and facilitated painting classes at the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. Gail teaches for Seniors Creating Art andSeniors Making Art Program, at several galleries and in her studio. She is thoroughly convinced that the arts offer a powerful tool for transformation of the individual and society. Let go and grow! GailBakerArtMaker.com


ANNA HUEY BERGHAUSER is a native of San Diego. She graduated from San Diego State University with a teaching credential. Anna has worked in the medical field for 32 years and always had a love of jewelry. She started out making custom lanyards for coworkers. Everyone enjoyed wearing the handmade lanyards with their ID badges. After attending classes in handmade beaded and wired jewelry where she made bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings, she improved her skills dramatically. In a quick few years, she has grown from learning in classes to teaching them. In addition to teaching at Bravo, Anna teaches classes privately and sells her jewelry at Seller’s Faire in Escondido, San Diego Mineral & Gem Fair, St Paul’s Plaza retirement community in Chula Vista and at private parties. Anna is excited about handcrafted jewelry and loves to share her knowledge.


SEAN P CALLAHAN has been creating art his whole life and has worked as a full time artist for the past 29 years. His artwork is in private collections throughout the world and is exhibited in galleries around the country. Since 1995, he has taught techniques of watercolor painting mastered through his extensive study of the medium. He was the Artist in Residence for Holland America Cruise line, currently teaches workshops at his own Key West, Florida gallery; Dog Tired Studio and Gallery, and at The Studios of Key West. Sean brings his watercolor expertise to San Diego for an exceptional three-day workshop, taking students from the very basics of watercolor to painting undersea paintings, pet portraits, and landscapes. His teaching method is best described as laid back, fun and informative. He creates a fun, stress-free environment for students to learn his style of painting while helping find their voice in watercolor. dogtiredstudio.net


REED CARDWELL received his BFA from Cal State University, Long Beach with further studies at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Reed also studied drawing and painting with Los Angeles artist Harold Kramer and later studied painting with Nathan Oliveira in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Reed worked as an animation artist for Walt Disney Feature Animation. His work is exhibited locally and nationally and is part of many private collections. Reed has taught at the Athenaeum School of the Arts, at UCSD Extension and at the Art Academy of San Diego. Sadly, Reed Cardwell passed away in July, 2013


MAYRA CAMACHO CHAVEZ has been practicing fiber arts since the age of 8. Having been raised in a family of women who practiced the textile arts in Queretaro, Mexico she was exposed to a variety of techniques from an early age including knitting, crochet, and drawn work. Following her passion, she studied fiber art at San Diego State University and won several awards and recognitions for her work. Mayra has experience teaching both children and adults as a teaching artist for several San Diego based arts organizations including: The New Children’s Museum, Arts for Learning San Diego, and Art Reach San Diego. She has been practicing Bordado Fantasia for over 6 years and is fascinated by both its history and its beauty.


BRONLE CROSBY is an abstract realist painter who lives and works in San Diego, California. Her artistic goal is to invoke calm and contemplation. She paints focussed natural histories: close-up corners of the big picture of life, in subtle colors and painterly detail. In addition, Bronle paints portraits by commission, teaches painting and figure drawing, and volunteers for and is on the board of ArtReach San Diego. Her work can be seen in galleries in San Diego and the Napa Valley. BronleCrosby.com


CRYSTAL DAIGLE With over 18 years of teaching experience, Crystal Daigle naturally helps students free up their creative energy and make art they love. Crystal was trained at the New York State Summer School for the Arts and the Philadelphia College of Art. Her paintings and cosmic-folk collages are included in private and corporate collections across the United States. Each piece explores the intersections of nature, spirituality and healing. She also makes “Psychic Illuminations Artworks” which depict benevolent psychic visions she receives for her clients. CrystalDaigle.com


JEAN DEGENFELDER of Jean’s Handwovens holds a Bachelor of Arts in Clothing and Textiles from San Diego State University and began weaving in 1994. She has continued her training at fiber workshops, seminars and conferences in the United States and in Europe and Asia. She shares her passion for fibers in classrooms throughout San Diego County, and during the summer, operates a summer school for young artists at her studio, which is housed in a yurt at her family compound in northern San Diego County. For weaver and designer Jean Degenfelder, it all begins with color. Her one-of-a-kind jackets, shawls, bags, capes and specialty garments are infused with hues that can be rich, bright, and vibrant, or more subtle and muted in nature. Jean blends cottons, rayon chenille and silk in her work, and is now incorporating Tencel™ which has a silk-like quality and creates a soft cloth that drapes easily. Once Jean has created the cloth, its size and texture helps determine which garments she will create.

Jean's work has been shown at Contemporary Craft Market, Santa Monica and San Francisco; American Art Festivals, San Jose, San Diego, and Santa Monica; Festival of Arts, Tempe, Arizona; and Great Arts and Crafts Festival, Las Vegas, among other venues. Her work is available at Weaving Southwest, Taos, New Mexico; The Weaving Center, New Hampshire, and on the internet through her website at www.jeanshandwovens.com


THERESA VANDENBERG DONCHE grew up in Central California. She attributes a lot of her inspiration to the environment in which she lived; the cultivated landscapes, overwhelming skies and constant variations of the seasons. Her formative years were spent in Southern California, where, in addition to painting, she also trained as a designer, where discipline is a requirement. It complemented her work as a painter where the tension between creative precision and experimental abstract painting met. Theresa’s work is a subconscious story of her impressions of life, which determine the direction of her paintings, each creating a story within a story. There is a very physical approach to her work and she wants viewers to constantly see something new in it. Inspiration also comes from travel and artists Hans Hofmann, Nicolas de Stael, Richard Diebenkorn and Wassily Kandinsky; favoring vibrant colors and saturated canvases. theresavandenbergdonche.com


LAUREN BECKER DOWNEY holds a BFA in Weaving and Textile Design from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Utah. For many years, she exhibited woven tapestries and painted fabrics of abstract, nonrepresentational imagery. Lauren now uses Mosaics and Painted Furniture as the medium for her expression. As one of the Founder’s of Bravo School of Art, the Director of Workshops at the Art Academy of San Diego, and the former owner of Bravo Gallery and Bravo Workshop, Lauren has been involved in San Diego’s arts community since 1990. She has been teaching art and fine crafts to adults throughout San Diego County since 1992.


WENDY FETTERLY is a painter, illustrator and chalk artist working and living in San Diego, CA. Wendy graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in drawing and painting. She also attended painting classes at Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts in New York. She uses her skills to create murals, chalkboards for displays and menu boards for clients. Wendy complements her fine art background with a love of technology, as she also works in graphic design and website design.


KAORI FUKUYAMA was raised in Kumamoto, Japan, where she first experienced the magic of color and light in her surrounding natural environments. Her abstract oil paintings embrace vibrant colors, create a sense of light, depth, volume, and play with perception. Kaori’s process involves careful and patient blending of multiple paint layers and originates from the meditative craft-making tradition of her Japanese heritage. Recently, Kaori has been exploring 3-D installation works using everyday materials and craft techniques. Her work has been exhibited at multiple galleries and juried exhibitions across California, and have become a part of private collections in the U.S. and overseas. She lives and works in San Diego, maintaining a studio practice in Barrio Arts District. www.kaorifukuyama.com


STACIE BIRKY GREENE originally from Colorado, received degrees in Art and Art History from the University of Kentucky. She also studied in Florence, Italy, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her focus is on painting; she also explores creating art through a wide variety of media, including drawing, installation, and photography. The central focus of Stacie's recent work is an exploration of nature lost, through a series drawings of endangered birds and birds who have gone extinct in her lifetime. Stacie lives in San Diego and exhibits her artwork locally and internationally. She has taught art to children and adults since 1998. staciebirkygreene.com


BRIDGET HERLEHY is a certified SoulCollage® facilitator with a passion for self-discovery and creating connection through community. Bridget's passion for service has lead her to volunteer as a yoga instructor, work with school reading programs, Girl Scouts, Scripps Hospital, and a therapeutic horsemanship program. It wasn't until being introduced to the SoulCollage® process that she discovered her inner artist. In creating SoulCollage® cards, Bridget found the process collaging magazine clippings very meditative and as she continued working through the process, she found her passion and affirmed her belief that healing needs to begin from within. Her inner voice found a medium to be heard. Bridget began creating and journaling with SoulCollage® cards on her own and discovered the power of having her cards witnessed in a sacred group. Her personal practice continues to evolve creating sacred circles that honor and hold space for each other on their journey to self discovery. She is a registered yoga instructor, level 2 Reiki practitioner, and has her BS in Kinesiology from San Diego State University. Bridget is also passionate about Ayurveda, bringing a deeper understanding and respect of all cycles (life, seasons, monthly, daily) into to her personal practices.


AARON HUGHES has been playing with string since the age of 10 when his grandmother decided he needed to be kept busy and taught him to crochet. Along the way he picked up cross stitch, friendship bracelets, finger weaving, and knitting. He spends much of his free time cultivating his impressive collection of yarn and making beautiful things for beautiful people. Aaron is excited to share his knowledge and enjoyment of knitting with the students of Bravo School of Art.


NANCY ISBELL has been a full time artist since 1972. After graduating from Humboldt State University, with honors and a bachelor's degree in art, she began a career in art at Sea World as an illustrator and graphic artist designing gifts and souvenirs. In 1974 she traveled to the Virgin Islands where she worked at an advertising agency as a graphic artist and illustrator. In 1976, after completing a teacher credential for teaching art, instead of teaching she began painting large works on restaurant walls, traveling all over the United States.Since 1980 Nancy has been providing artistic services to clients: Murals, Trompe' l Oeil, Faux Finishes, Carousel Restoration, Signage, Illustration, Watercolors, Oils. The work ranges from canvas paintings, to large murals. Nancy has traveled extensively to restaurants and homes around the country, decorating walls with her own style of scenery and trompe l’ oeil.Nancy's favorite challenge is to create a mood through the use of her own imagined idyllic settings. Some of the tangible results are in the form of murals, found in private residences, schools and businesses. In addition to producing artwork, she has been teaching seminars and classes in art techniques to adults and children in private lessons, summer camps, and in the public schools.Trained by the San Diego Unified School District in ways to implement the CA Visual Arts Standards, Nancy has been presenting visual art lessons to elementary teachers as part of a teacher training program since 2003. www.nancyisbellarts.com


JACQUELINE JACOBS was born in Chile and obtained her MD degree from University of Chile Medical School, specializing in Pediatric Hematology. She emigrated to the United States in 1961. Jacqueline studied Surface Design and Weaving as well as Sculpture and Painting at San Diego State University. She works in acrylic paint, monotype, monoprint, encaustic paint, bookmaking, hand felted jewelry, clay sculpture, textiles and mixed media collage. Jacqueline considers herself fortunate to have a dual career involving the Healing and the Visual Arts. Science and Art are intertwined as they both deal with Life as a creative force justifying our presence in this Planet. Jacqueline often combines different media and imagery, remaining open to discovery and experimentation. Her work is organic and playful at times. www.soulandarts.com


AUSTIN JOHN JONES has been an aspiring artist ever since he was 5 years old, drawing all the time in the classroom. Very early on he was mentored by French painter Sophie Plassard, where, for 12 years, he learned mostly drawing and painting. Because of this, Austin has a great amount of experience in oil painting. After graduating high school, Austin attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where he graduated with a degree in Illustration and a minor in Entertainment Art. In addition to his college education, Austin has had the honor of working with a variety of collaborative artists, such as Pia Stern and had the opportunity of working with the late Arland Baron, where he learned traditional Disney animation and character design. Austin loves cartoons, movies, video games, and almost everything entertainment. He has been a dedicated artist all his life and, since graduating from Art Center, has been teaching art to people of all ages. He also a recent graduate from the Teaching Artist Institute. www.austinjohnjones.com



Cardiff by the Sea native, Contemporary Zen Painter,

Creator of the Giant Paintings in the

Encinitas Scripps Memorial Hospital Lobby and

Calligraphic Paintings in 2 North

Represented by Ronin Gallery New York City

Teaches Classes and Workshops in Brush Painting in the Asian Manner, The Art of Feng Shui, and Chinese Face Reading to discover your inner nature and true calling for Adults and Children and Corporate Retreats including Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit www.dancingbrush.com


MARYON KINSELLA is an artist who works in watercolor, twigs and branches, found objects, paper and decorative arts. She loves creating beauty and believes that beauty is an inspiring and healing force that calls to be experienced and shared. She believes that beauty makes people happy and feel more connected to themselves, each other and God. Maryon is an award winning landscape designer and makes her living in San Diego helping clients experience and enjoy increased beauty and function in their outdoor living spaces at home. Some of her garden art and landscape designs can be found at mklandscapedesign


CAROL LANG is the Director of the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Gallery in Vista and was charter president of the Misti Washington Gourd & Basket Guild. She has been collecting and researching the art of basketry since the early 1970’s, and has won awards at the Association of Michigan Basketmakers, California Gourd Society, and the Del Mar Fair. Her work is in collections throughout the United States and in Australia.


ALEJANDRO LEON is a painter and designer with 6 years of experience in the game and animation industry with companies such as Warner Bros. Studios, TitMouse Animation, Pixar Animation, BrainZoo Studios, Crowdstar Games, and Red Robot Labs. He has worked on Cars 2, Scooby Doo, and mobile games - Life is Magic and Life is Crime. He is currently working on a series of fine art gallery paintings. Alejandro earned his BA at Art Center College of Design and UC San Diego. Because of his experience at Art Center and his work in the animation and video game industry, he has a broad perspective of what it takes to succeed in the art industry. Alejandro also has 2 years experience teaching drawing, painting and portfolio development to college and high school level students. alejandroleonart.com


AMANDA ROUSE LETSCHER is an accomplished printmaker, oil painter, and textile designer from Lexington, Kentucky. Amanda received her BFA from the University of Miami, Florida and aN MFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. She has taught screen printing and painting and has exhibited prints in numerous national and international juried exhibitions. She recently completed a residency at the Kala Institute in Berkeley. Artistic inspiration rises from surrealism, art nouveau, fictitious animals, traveling, and spontaneity. Amanda thrives on the never-ending cycle of creating, learning, and sharing that occurs from teaching and making art. amandarouse.com


LOVEJOY has been pursuing creative endeavors her entire life. As a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, she has made her living with her art and loves to help inspire others to find their own creativity. As a freelance artist, Lovejoy has explored many mediums, as well as many places all over the globe. She is very grateful to be creative everyday, and enjoys keeping life simple and fun. In her impressionistic paintings, Lovejoy’s personal style is very bold and colorful. Since 2003, Lovejoy has been exploring the Southwest, living 9 years in Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM before her recent arrival in beautiful San Diego. Feel free to view her artwork at  www.lovejoycreations.com and  www.Sedonamural.com


BHAVNA MEHTA draws with a knife, cutting paper to tell visual stories. Her work is based on the idea that everything is connected. Her style is influenced by folk art traditions from India where she was born and raised. The abundance of her immigrant experiences and memories roots her work. Bhavna has exhibited widely in San Diego and Southern California. In 2015 she was awarded the Creative Catalyst grant from The San Diego Foundation in partnership with the Oceanside Museum of Art, which led her to create her first installation using stories from the community. She has won multiple awards in juried shows and she was one of the San Diego Art Prize emerging artist winners working with Marianela de La Hoz. She collaborates with artists making public art using paper as a design medium. Bhavna has engineering degrees from both India and US and worked as a software engineer for many years before turning to art. She learned paper cutting from Beatrice Coron at Penland School of Craft and teaches book arts and papercutting workshops all over San Diego County. www.bhavnamehta.com


MICHELLE MOORE | Artist | Jeweler

Michelle studied fine art abroad for 4 years and another 2 years at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She worked in commercial art and advertising as a creative director for over 15 years. In 2002, she decided to pursue her personal interests and apply her skills and knowledge to the field of jewelry. For 7 years she developed collections and participated in all the major trade shows in the country. In 2009, 7Stitches Ethnic Jewelry was launched. The pieces are created from vintage ceremonial materials giving the wearer a worn traveled feel in each piece. Men's and women's unique jewelry components are gathered from 7 continents, brought to the studio to create memorable collections. Michelle is currently working with SeaSide Luxe for the Four Seasons Resorts, Free People, Anthropologie and many smaller boutiques around the world. Always, take a walk on the wild side… Namaste. Please feel free to visit Michelle’s website for a portfolio of her current work: www.7stitches.com


THIA NEVIUS grew up in Studio City, California. After receiving an MFA from Colorado State University she painted sets for the Santa Fe Opera and taught art at Santa Fe Community College. Since moving to San Diego she has taught art for many years including The Bishop’s School in La Jolla, UCSD Extension, The Art Department, ARTS: A Reason to Survive, and the Athenaeum. Thia has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and South America including living in the Philippines for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Her work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions where she has won Awards of Excellence and Best of Show. Among the publications that have featured her work include Art and the Creative Process, UCSD press, and Davis Publications, books for art educations, in The Davis Visuals, volume on Light, Worcester, Mass. She is an active member of the San Diego art community and her work has hung regularly at the San Diego Art Institute and the San Diego Art Department. Her work can be seen in important private and corporate collections including McDonald’s Corporate Offices in Japan, the Hilton Hotel Collection in California and the Permanent Collection at Colorado State University. ThiaNevius.com


SHARON K NOVAK has been an artist and metalsmith for over thirty years. She earned an MFA from SDSU, a BFA from the State University of New York at New Paltz, and an Associate of Arts from San Diego Mesa College. Inspired by nature’s palette of colors and texture, Sharon thinks like a painter when working with metal. Her mixed-media assemblages juxtapose archetypal symbols in metal with paint, collage, and found elements. Sharon’s artwork includes sculpture, masks, metal collage, drawings, jewelry and ornaments. She’s been teaching art throughout San Diego since 1989 and has exhibited in the US, Europe and Japan.


NATASHA MONAHAN PAPOUSEK grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She started out as a musician, playing violin in early music and Celtic ensembles as well as singing. She discovered henna art in 1997 when her husband gave her a kit for her birthday. The medium grabbed her and she has been practicing henna ever since! Natasha has done henna at numerous ethnic bridal showers, parties, Bat Mitzvahs and baby showers, along with giving presentations in area libraries and running a henna art and face-paint kiosk at Seaport Village in San Diego. www.cmoondesigns.com


MARJORIE PEZZOLI is a San Diego silk artist whose color and imaging technique has captured the attention of San Diego designers. With elegant artistry and a penchant for pattern, Marjorie is inspired by the sheen of silk, and the play and flow of color on fabric. Each of her signature pieces is uniquely crafted using high quality color-fast dye and the precise ‘Pezzoli’ touch. The style and charm of her wearable silks are sure to be a winner in any wardrobe. She has also created interior pieces for both retail and personal use. Over the years, her silks have been in galleries, boutiques, museums & museum gift shops. Marjorie has been featured in The Best of Hand Painted Silk by Diane Tuckman and Jan Janas, and is a member of the San Diego Silk Guild. She has been painting silk for over 20 years, and enjoys sharing her knowledge of silk painting with her students. Her hand dyed silk fabric was showcased in ‘Art Meets Fashion’, San Diego’s 2011 premiere art and fashion event. Her large silk wraps accompanied Debb Solan's Fairy dresses on the runway for Leonard Simpson's 2013 & 2015 Fashion Fundraisers. Other projects in which Marjorie is involved are Sea Changes Act and The Jellygirls; both to promote ocean awareness and stewardship. Her sea silks were at the Museum of Monterery and at Oceanside Museum of Art. www.pezzoliart.com and www.theJellygirls.com


JULIE RAUER is a painter and writer and a Co-Founder of ART SCIENCE COMPLEX. Distilling science as a platform for invention, Julie creates metaphorical paintings and drawings, chamber pieces which investigate the nature of organic processes, patterns, and transformations. She has both exhibited her paintings and drawings, written and lectured at diverse, esteemed institutions, including: The Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2016, in San Diego, The American Museum of Natural History in New York City, the New York Public Library, US Artists American Fine Art Show in Philadelphia, the New York Entomological Society, Berwald Oriental Art in New York City, and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.--where Julie was synchronously engaged, by the State of Maryland, to exhibit her body of science visualization paintings, and to give their Keynote Address, "Nature As a Platform for Invention", on September 1, 2006. Julie just completed a commissioned painting for Dr. Richard Scheuermann, Director of the J. Craig Venter Institute, visualizing his research in curing Multiple Sclerosis, via single cell genomics. ART SCIENCE COMPLEX, with Co-Founder, Bruce Gemmell, will be having a solo exhibition at JCVI, as well as inaugurating JCVI's first Art Science Salon series.

Bridging art magazines and science journals, Julie Rauer’s work has been published by: American Artist Watercolor Magazine (in a 12-page feature article), Arts of Asia, Natural History Magazine, Art + Auction, and Art & Antiques. Recognized by The National Science Foundation and The Journal Science, Julie was awarded the National Science Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science certificates for two consecutive years, for her paintings, Winter Worm, Summer Grass and Coleoptera Polis, a diptych, in both the 2007 and 2008 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge. Julie was just nominated for the 2017 Keck Award for Science Communication, for her commissioned neuroscience drawing, and pendant science essays, "Epigenetic Mind”. www.Facebook.com/ArtScienceComplex www.artsciencecomplex.com


ROBIN SANFORD ROBERTS is an artist and theatrical scenic designer working in models and mixed media. She is a studio artist at ART on 30th in San Diego. She has designed scenery for multiple theatres including the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego Repertory, Denver Center Theatre Company, Portland Center Stage and Broadway. Robin holds a degree in Architecture from LSU and an MFA in Scenic Design from UC San Diego. She also studied at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Fontainebleau and at Sir John Cass School of Art, London Polytechnic. Robin teaches and designs scenery for the Department of Theatre at University of San Diego. She's exhibited her artwork locally at Alma Ronis Gallery, Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce, Bard Hall Gallery, Lyceum Theatre, and Ashton Gallery.

“I have an obsession with old books and other ephemera. The fragments and bits of pieces come together to make a new piece. I enjoy working with pieces from the past that have a history of a previous life.” www.robinsanfordroberts.com


DENISE BONAIMO SARRAM has been having fun marrying her two passions: jewelry making and essential oils. She has created a line of custom aromatherapy jewelry made from various materials and thoughtfully assembled with an artful eye. In an ongoing quest to live in a healthy environment and body, she also makes her own non-toxic household products and botanical concoctions. After a brief hiatus from teaching, (she took a few years off to focus on her son) Denise is excited to share what she has learned. She was born an artist, raised in Brooklyn and on the Jersey shore. Her encouraging bohemian parents were (thankfully) very supportive. Denise graduated from Rowan University (NJ) in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in metal smithing. In addition, she studied art at Moore College of Art and Design (Philadelphia, PA) and spent a semester abroad traveling around Great Britain and taking courses at University of Northumberland (UK). She has been fortunate enough to have made a career from creating, exhibiting and teaching jewelry classes for the last 22 years. In 2001, Denise moved to San Diego, where she met her husband and now their little family lives in Carlsbad, CA. Denise's website


SYLVIA SWENSON has always been a maker. She has honored her creativity in a variety of mediums from fiber arts, designing and making teddy bears, jewelry making and mixed media art. She has been teaching jewelry making at Southwestern College and SDCCD Continuing Education for over 13 years. She is a Reiki practitioner who volunteers in a hospital setting. Sylvia is an enthusiastic teacher who loves to see her students succeed in learning new techniques. She has begun to integrate her spiritual work and artistry in wearable jewelry and mixed media art.


JOHN THURSTON  began his training in Photography at ISOMATA in Idyllwild, CA in 1969. As a teenager, he taught children's art classes with artist Joe Nyiri at the San Diego Zoo. John studied Fine Arts and Earth Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and returned to San Diego to get a practical degree in Information Systems from San Diego City College in 1985. For many years he worked as a Technical Editor for Hughes Aircraft Company in the Graphics and Marketing Departments. Finding that Rocket Science wasn't his real calling in life, he recently rediscovered his love of Photography. John has exhibited his award winning photographs at the Iowa State Fair, the San Diego County Fair Photography Exhibition, the Mia Italia Exhibition at the Italian Community Center in Little Italy, and City College's Student Photography Exhibitions. John works in traditional Film and Digital Photography.


JENNIFER VAN PELT began her creative journey during her undergrad school years when she ran a daily program for elementary school children. New craft projects were designed and taught each day on a very limited budget. Jennifer enjoyed the creative process so much that she started exploring different mediums and ways of creating art. She discovered the world of Polymer Clay and then Rubber Art Stamping. After Jennifer earned her Master's Degree in Counseling she used art projects to help her clients cope with stress and anxiety. In October of 2010 she took a class in Zentangle® and fell in love with the new art. In October of 2011 she became certified to teach Zentangle® and started blogging about her creations and classes at www.jennifervanpelt.com. She now enjoys showing others that they too can create beautiful artwork one stroke at a time.


KANAKO YAMADA has lived in San Diego since 1997. She made her first Kokedama, (Japanese moss ball with a house plant) when visiting her family in Japan. Her Uncle Fumio was a Bonsai teacher in Japan and greatly influenced her. It was his strong will to pass on to people how these wonderful small plants play a vital role in providing us a pleasant and tranquil feeling. He told Kanako "These small plants create small forests, peaceful little earth offering us peace, calm and a tranquil mind." After Uncle Fumio passed, his words stuck in her mind for a long time. When her father taught her about Kokedama, Kanako knew that she was meant to be a Kokedama artist and to share its pleasure with people of the United States. Kokedama has been widely known in Japan however it is fading from the culture because in Japan there are fewer and fewer Kokedama artists. It is a beautiful living art which gives a peaceful and calm mind to people. Kanako likes to keep this tradition alive and hopefully pass it to future children. Her wish is that every owner of a Kokedama plant enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces. www.kodamaforest.com


LISA YODER is a San Diego based textile artist known for her exquisite beaded and hand stitched textiles. Working in the “art quilt tradition,” she works primarily with three layers – the top layer is stitched and beaded, the center layer is thin cotton batting, and the backing is fabric. Lisa takes a meditative approach, patiently stitching one bead at a time. She has been making her unique beaded textile pieces for over a decade and has taught beading classes at art museums, quilt guilds and other venues since 2011. Currently, Lisa is the membership manager at Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts and Textiles in Point Loma.


Bravo School of Art • 2690 Decatur Rd Studio 206 San Diego CA 92106 • 619-223-0058