SHARON McFADDEN was born into a family of artists, musicians, and teachers and has been creative since early childhood. Born and raised in San Diego, she spent most of her formative years with colored pencils or crayons clutched in her little hands. Over time, Sharon developed a deep passion for painting and drawing, and gained a reputation as the 'weird art kid' in class who drew all over her homework. Eventually being weird paid off and Sharon graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History and Art from Azusa Pacific University in 2012, and has since been working as both a commissioned artist and studio art teacher. She is currently enrolled in grad school pursuing both her Teaching Credential and Master's of Arts in Education. Sharon is the proud parent of a furry, four legged child named Artemis, and when she isn't teaching or working on homework, she enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, singing, and expanding her own artistic horizons.



Bravo School of Art • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd Studio 206 San Diego CA 92106 • 619-223-0058