ROSEMARY KIMBAL is an accomplished artist and illustrator with over thirty-nine years of experience, specializing in contemporary Zen painting. Her artistic career began in 1971 when she was studying Zen and attended meditation sessions at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in the central coastal mountains of California.

Rosemary is influential in national and international circles that celebrate the ancient art of Zen painting. Using a free and spontaneous technique, her painting styles range from the traditional to the abstract. She has illustrated ten published books. Her art includes works on rice paper, canvas, fabric, scrolls, note cards, clay, ceramic tile, mosaic, film and theatrical scenic design.

Art critic, Pat Stein wrote about Rosemary KimBal: “Once the brush is dipped into the ink, the stroke is executed with the speed of a pelican swooping into the surf for a fish, but the mental energy has already been marshaled and the intent is clear.”

Watching her work, one realizes that the preparation of the artist’s materials is a mindful process, a form of meditation. She selects the correct brush for the image in mind, dips into her ink and in flashing strokes, the subject blooms upon the surface. Her “dancing brush” has caught the essence of her subject.

Rosemary’s work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States, Canada, and Taiwan. She was represented in “Zen Painting in America” at the Ronin Gallery in New York City in 1999. She was selected by General Electric to teach the Creativity Workshop at the Fortune Most Powerful Women’s Summit held in 2005, again for General Electric in Ossining, New York for General Electric in 2006.

Rosemary teaches classes and workshops in Brush Painting in the Asian Manner, The Art of Feng Shui, and Chinese Face Reading to discover your inner nature and true calling.

Rosemary lives with her Photographer husband Raymond Elstad in Cardiff by the Sea, California. More information about her Dancing Brush Studios can be found at





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