KANAKO YAMADA has lived in San Diego since 1997. She made her first Kokedama, (Japanese moss ball with a house plant) when visiting her family in Japan. Her Uncle Fumio was a Bonsai teacher in Japan and greatly influenced her. It was his strong will to pass on to people how these wonderful small plants play a vital role in providing us a pleasant and tranquil feeling. He told Kanako "These small plants create small forests, peaceful little earth offering us peace, calm and a tranquil mind." After Uncle Fumio passed, his words stuck in her mind for a long time. When her father taught her about Kokedama, Kanako knew that she was meant to be a Kokedama artist and to share its pleasure with people of the United States. Kokedama has been widely known in Japan however it is fading from the culture because in Japan there are fewer and fewer Kokedama artists. It is a beautiful living art which gives a peaceful and calm mind to people. Kanako likes to keep this tradition alive and hopefully pass it to future children. Her wish is that every owner of a Kokedama plant enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.




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