AUSTIN JOHN JONES has been an aspiring artist ever since he was 5 years old, drawing all the time in the classroom. Very early on he was mentored by French painter Sophie Plassard, where, for 12 years, he learned mostly drawing and painting. Because of this, Austin has a great amount of experience in oil painting. After graduating high school, Austin attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where he graduated with a degree in Illustration and a minor in Entertainment Art. In addition to his college education, Austin has had the honor of working with a variety of collaborative artists, such as Pia Stern and had the opportunity of working with the late Arland Baron, where he learned traditional Disney animation and character design. Austin loves cartoons, movies, video games, and almost everything entertainment. He has been a dedicated artist all his life and, since graduating from Art Center, has been teaching art to people of all ages. He also a recent graduate from the Teaching Artist Institute.




Bravo School of Art • 2690 Historic Decatur Rd Studio 206 San Diego CA 92106 • 619-223-0058